Campaign Instructions

To participate in this campaign, please follow the easy steps below:

1.) After this popup window opens, use another window to
    go to your email account and act as if you are
    composing a new email message.
2.) You will be sending the email to
3.) Compose your own personalized message to Rhino
    Home Video. You can include the reasons listed below
    to help persuade them to release the DVD.
4.) In the subject line, type something with Monkees
    included in it.
5.) Send your email & you're done! You are not required to,
    but it would be most helpful to send as many emails as
    you can.
6.) So we can have a semi-accurate count of how many
    emails have been sent, please post a short message at
    the Monkeesrule43 Discussion Board. You don't need
    to register, so please let us know whenever you send
    Rhino a message. Thanks for participating!

Note: If you receive any replies from Rhino please post about them here.

Persuasion Points

- The full TV special
- Full-length commentaries by all four Monkees
- Any outtakes or behind-the-scene footage that exists
- The complete 1996 Billboard Live concert