In my first Davy solo show since the summer of 2000, he put on a great show!  He brought the Monkees backing band, including the horn section and another band member named Dave Robicheau, who was Davy's guitarist in his previous solo tours.  The show was a very short half hour since he had three shows in one day, but was still worth it.  I noticed there was a video camera in the middle of the audience, with a still photography camera next to it.  It could've been "48 Hours" taping footage for their segment on Davy in May. The band started off with a shortened version of the Monkees' opening medley and when Davy came out, running across the stage, they started right into "A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You."  He looked happy to be there and was very energetic, as usual.  Then, he talked about how he's been coming to EPCOT every year for the past four years and that we were the first to ever hear the next song live onstage.  That was "Happy Birthday Mickey Mouse," and it was definitely a treat to hear.  Davy talked about his days on "Oliver" and did his "Oliver Medley" before performing "Girl."  During the song, Davy came off the stage and went through the audience singing to people, posing for pictures, and signing autographs during the song!  He got halfway through the crowd then ran back onstage for the end of the song.  His trademark song, "Daydream Believer," followed.  After "Daydream Believer," Davy introduced the band and then screamed out "Listen to the Band!" like Micky usually does at Monkees concerts.  I was expecting to hear the whole song, but they played the beginning, then switched over to "(I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone," which sounded unbelievable.  It was the highlight of the show and in my opinion, I thought he sang it even better than Micky!  Finally, he closed the show with his version of "I'm A Believer."  Despite the hot sun and high temperatures, Davy still put on a great show!
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April 19, 2002
Orlando, FL
EPCOT's Flower Power Festival

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