Andy Partridge --- "I was getting Monkees Monthly and there was a competition to draw a Monkee.  I did a caricature of Micky Dolenz and won 10 pounds-a fantastic sum of money for me then.  I bought a secondhand tape recorder, which further launched me. They've been very responsible for me getting started."

Geoffrey Stokes, Rock Of Ages: The Rolling Stone History Of Rock & Roll --- "The Monkees were blessed with singable songs, and they sang them creditably. The productions were clean, the studio musicians impeccable. Even The Monkees' biggest detractors would have to admit that their albums have worn considerably better than some contemporaneous offerings from 'serious' groups."

John Lennon to Mike Nesmith --- "I think you're the greatest comic talent since the Marx Brothers. I've never missed one of your programs."

George Harrison --- "The Monkees are still finding out who they are, and they seem to be improving as performers each time I see them. When they've got it all sorted out, they may be the greatest."

Glenn A. Baker, Monkeemania: The True Story Of The Monkees --- "Monkees music, given the benefit of a 20-year perspective, comes over in the '80s with a vibrant buoyancy, far from the mindless pop its detractors claimed it to be. In the vast spectrum of 30 years of rock & roll, The Monkees hold an elevated position."

Stan Freberg --- "I was once the guest star on a Monkees episode directed by Bob Rafelson. I played a hi-tech, but evil, toy factory executive who wanted to throw out his kindly old inventor who invented wonderful toys to make way for technology. In the end, of course, The Monkees got me fired and saved the old inventor's job.
    Even standing around the set, I recognized the satiric sense of humor that pervaded the show on both sides of the camera. Mike Nesmith said that I had influenced The Monkees' humor a lot, and claimed to be the world's greatest Freberg fan. I remember this bacause that same day I met Frank Zappa on an adjacent set, claimed the same thing. But in spite of all the things I've done, working on The Monkees is what made me a definite "star" to my children's friends. I had arrived."

Press Release for Hear No Evil: A Tribute To The Monkees --- "They didn't meet in high school, spend endless time practicing in a garage, or drive to dive gigs in a broken-down van. People wrote songs for them to sing. Davy, Peter, Micky, and Mike made some money, and others made even more. But guess what? It worked! The songs were great, the show was way ahead of its time, and the 'band' became a real band."

Blitz Magazine editor Mike McDowell about the Monkees performence at Valley Auditorium in Salt Lake City on May 21, 1968 --- "The greatest live performance ever made by a rock band..."

Glen Campbell --- "Some of my kids love The Monkees.  The TV show was really whacky; my five year old at the time thought they were very cool.  I love The Monkees because I dug the music."

Neil Diamond --- "When I first heard that The Monkees were going to record "I'm A Believer," I thought I had died and gone to heaven... "I'm A Believer" was bigger than anyone expected.  Big enough to launch The Monkees to the #1 spot worldwide and to take my own career up a notch just on the uplift of their commercial coattails.  For giving me that, I will be eternally grateful to The Monkees."

The Perfect Collection: The Rock Albums Everyone Should Have And Why --- "Headquarters: The most perfect example of the brilliance that results from uninhibited love of the music."
"Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd.: An album as worthy of attention as anything the majority of the hippie bands of the time were doing."

Paul McCartney --- "I'm sure The Monkees are going to live up to a lot of things many people didn't expect."

Glenn A. Baker, author of Monkeemania: The True Story of the Monkees on the Monkees 1966-1967 North American Tour --- "With a number one hit, the demands for live appearances were mounting.  The boys furiously rehearsed late into the night and on weekends.  The crowd screamed as the four leapt through fake speakers onto the stage.  Such frenzy had not been seen since the peak of Beatlemania.  Crowds were awesome and more than $540,000 was grossed within two weeks."

Brian Wilson --- "The Monkees inspired me to write "Break Away" with my dad. I want to thank them for all the good music."

Mark Eitzel --- "Pisces, Aquarius, Capricorn & Jones Ltd. was the first record I ever bought...  I loved it, and it changed my life."

NME Book Of Rock --- "Monkees music was genuinely enjoyable, ingenious, lightweight pop."

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