Solo Discography

1978                   "The Point" Soundtrack
1991                   Micky Dolenz Puts You to Sleep
1994                   Broadway Micky
1998                   Demoiselle
George Michael Dolenz was born on March 8, 1945 in Los Angeles, CA to George and Janelle Dolenz, who were both involved in show business.  Nicknamed "Micky," he has three sisters including Coco, who frequently performs with him at his current solo shows.  At the age of 10, Micky played the part of Corky in the NBC sitcom "Circus Boy" under the last name "Braddock."  From 1956-1958 the show aired and Micky toured the country with the show's star elephant, Bimbo.  After "Circus Boy" went off the air, Micky's parents took him out of show business and brought him back to a normal child's life.  Dolenz often says that this was the "smartest thing they ever did."  As he got older, Micky played with many nightclub bands including Micky and the One Nighters, where he played rhythm guitar and lead vocals.  During this time period, Micky recorded his first single, "Huff Puff"/"Don't Do It."  As it turned out, the single never saw the light of day until 1967, when "Don't Do It" reached No. 75 on the Billboard charts.   

In the fall of 1965, Micky was a college student studying Architecture when he auditioned for a part in "The Monkees."  Just weeks later, he was chosen to become a member of the TV and music phenomenon.  During this time, Micky got his first directing job on "The Monkees" TV show's "Frodis Caper" episode.  By late-1970, the other Monkees had given up and Micky was left to pursue a solo career. 

The early-70s brought Micky directing TV commercials and several NASA spots, as well as lending his voice to various animated productions, such as "The Funky Fantom" and "The Scooby-Doo Movies."  He also kept his music career rolling by releasing some solo singles, like "A Lover's Prayer" and "To Be or Not To Be," but never any albums.  In 1975, Dolenz joined forces with fellow Monkee, Davy Jones and Monkees songwriters, Tommy Boyce &
Bobby Hart.  This semi-Monkees reunion lasted until 1977, when he and Jones traveled to England to star in Harry Nilsson's "The Point."  What was supposed to be about a three month stay ended up lasting over 10 years!  While in England, Micky directed such programs as "Fernwood Tonight" and "Luna," as well as co-creating, producing and directing London Weekend Television's award-winning series, "Metal Micky." 

In the early-80s, Micky kept busy by performing solo tours, including a successful run in Japan in 1980.  In 1986, Monkee Mania II exploded and Micky toured the world for four years with band mates, Davy Jones & Peter Tork.  By the end this extremely successful outing, Micky had moved back to the U.S. and was back on the road with solo concerts.  In the early-90s, Micky was in the studio recording "Micky Dolenz Puts You To Sleep" and "Broadway Micky," both children's albums.  September 1993 brought the release of Micky's autobiography, I'm A Believer: My Life of Monkees, Music, & Madness.  Dolenz also provided background vocals on Peter Tork's 1994 solo album and joined the theatre production of "Grease."  For 1994 and 1995, Micky toured the country with Davy Jones on their "Together Again" tour and made a guest appearance on the "Brady Bunch Movie."  At this time, Micky showed a passion for painting and began taking it up himself.  His first art show took place in 1995 in Philadelphia, PA.  For most of 1996 and 1997, Micky participated in The Monkees 30th Anniversary reunion, before they went their separate ways.  "Demoiselle," a collection of Dolenz demos spanning decades ago was released under his own label in 1998.  In 1999, Micky replaced Davy Jones on the "Teen Idols Tour," which also featured Bobby Sherman and Peter Noone.  In the late-90s, Micky appeared and directed on episodes of "Boy Meets World," and made guest spots on shows such as "Pacific Blue" and more recently, "The Drew Carey Show," "As The World Turns," and "General Hospital."

After the turn of the century, Micky once again re-joined with The Monkees in 2001 and 2002.  After announcing their engagement in late-2001, Micky married Donna Quinter in late-September 2002.  In 2003, Micky went on the road with his band performing your favorite Monkees hits and rock n' roll classics. He also began touring the U.S. with the cast of "Aida" in the spring. Continuing his role as Zoser, Micky performed in "Aida" on Broadway until the fall of 2004. Right in the middle of his time on Broadway, in May 2004, an updated edition of his autobiography was released. On January 10, 2005, Micky started his new career as host of WCBS-FM 101.1's morning radio show in New York. Unfortunately, his new career was cut short that summer when the station went to its "JACK" format and laid off their line-up of DJs. He didn't stay inactive for long, though, and published his first children's book in May 2006, titled Gakky Two-Feet. At about the same time, Micky Dolenz' Rock 'n Rollin' Trivia: Put Your Knowledge of Pop Music Legend, Fact & Myth to the Test was released to the public, as well.
Quick Facts

Height:  6'
Quote: "You know, the Monkees becoming a real band, I've often said, is like Leonard Nimoy really becoming a Vulcan!"
Popular Monkees Contributions: "Last Train to Clarksville," "I'm A Believer," "Pleasant Valley Sunday"
Favorite Episode:  The Frodis Caper
Contacting Micky:  Micky Dolenz, Paradise Artists, 108 E. Matilija Street, Ojai, CA 93023
Official Site:
Family Information

Father:  George Dolenz
Mother:  Janelle Dolenz
Sisters:  Coco, Debbie, & Gina
Brothers:  None
Marriages:  Samantha Juste (Divorced), Trina Dow (Divorced), & Donna Quinter
Children:  Ami (1/8/69), Charlotte (8/8/81), Emily (7/25/83), Georgia (9/3/84)
Grandchildren:  None
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