- Built by Dean Jeffries.
- Two customized Pontiac GTO MonkeeMobiles were made and still exist.
- Jeffries added a tall split windshield, a third row of seats, large fender flares, exaggerated taillamps, a T-bucket convertible top, also a parachute.
- Both cars were made in one month.
- Each of the Monkees was given their own Pontiac GTO for their own use (real
model, not a MonkeeMobile).
- Only the first car was used on the show, the second was used for display.

- The car made its first appearance on "The Monkees" TV show in the "Monkee See,
Monkee Die" episode.

- The MonkeeMobile made didn't have the Monkees logo on the doors until the
"A Nice Place To Visit" episode.

- Kellogg's ran a contest reguarding the MonkeeMobile where the winner would receive a 1968 GTO and a guest appearence on "The Monkees" TV show.

- On "The Monkees," the car's license plate number was PER 450
- One was taken to Australia during their 1968 tour. Then it was mysteriously found in Puerto Rico and was auctioned in off in 1992 for $5,000 because only one person knew what it was!

- One of the cars appeared with Peter in the "She's Gotta Have It" episode of series, "Wings."

- MonkeeMobile number one was used in The Monkees' 1997 TV
special, "Hey Hey It's The Monkees."
- Many companies have made models and die-cast replicas of the MonkeeMobile such as Johnny Lightning and Corgi.

- MonkeeMobile number one is privately owned and rarely makes public appearances, while number two is sometimes found at classic car and nostalgia shows around the nation.
Although the MonkeeMobile only appeared in 18 of 58 episodes of
"The Monkees," it has remained one of the most interesting & popular
elements of the show. Here, you'll learn about the custom made GTO.
Photos are of MonkeeMobile number one and were taken in October 2001 in Los
Angeles, CA at the Petersen Automotive Museum's "Car's & Guitars of Rock 'N Roll" display.

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